Time interval counter with 60 ps resolution.

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The TICC Timestamping/Time Interval Counter

The TAPR TICC is a two-channel timestamping counter with better than
60 picosecond resolution and less than 100 picosecond typical jitter.
It has an Allan Deviation noise floor below 1x10<sup>-10</sup> for a
one second measurement.

The TICC designed to measure low-rate time intervals, such as the
pulse-per-second signal from a clock or GPS, with very high resolution.
The TICC hardware is a "shield" that mounts on an Arduino Mega 2560
processor board, and the TICC software runs on the Arduino. Data is sent
via USB to a host computer for logging and analysis. The TICC can
currently perform over 100 measurements per second; we believe that
software optimization will ultimately increase the measurement speed.

The TICC can output timestamp data for each channel, or the time interval
between the two channels. The channel inputs trigger with about 1.7 V and
are safe to 5 V. Input impedance is 1 megohm. The TICC requires an external
10 MHz reference clock at nominally +3 dBm, though the input circuit operates
over a wide amplitude range.

The TICC is powered by the Arduino to which is is attached, which in turn
can be powered by the USB cable from the host computer.

The TICC software is open source and available from
<A HREF="https://github.com/TAPR/TICC">github.com/TAPR/TICC</A>. The
repository also includes documentation, data sheets, and other information
on some of the hardware components. The software is undergoing active

The TICC is currently out of stock but we are taking "place-holder" orders
for a manufacturing run. When we receive orders for at least 25
units, we will direct our manufacturer to start the build. Delivery will
be 6 to 8 weeks after we place the build order.

You may place a pre-order here. Your card will not be charged until
the manufacturing price is confirmed, and we will contact you if
the price changes.

TICC systems purchased from TAPR include the TICC shield and an Arduino 2560
Mega compatible board with TICC software loaded. The systems are tested
for functionality prior to delivery.

TAPR kits can be complex depending on the kitting experience of each
builder. We don't think you will have trouble with the kit,
but it does require some knowledge and experience to successfully go
from a kit to a finished, usable unit, depending on the mode of

The TAPR TICC was made possible by the efforts of:

John Ackermann, N8UR &ndash; Hardware and software designer, and Project Manager
George Byrkit, K9TRV &ndash; Software development and hardware tester
Jeremy McDermond, NH6Z &ndash; Software development
David McQuate, WA8YWQ &ndash; Software development
Tom Van Baak &ndash; Beta tester
and other contributors who ask to remain anonymous


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